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From Evernote to Notes

4 minute read

Introduction I have been using Evernote for several years and I pay for a Premium plan because I need to use more than two devices and some of my attachments...

Five Great Things About Elixir

8 minute read

Introduction My career as a developer has evolved through various languages and platforms during the last 20-something years and for the last decade I’ve mai...

Grokking Elixir

7 minute read

Introduction Late last September I started being interested in Elixir. As the website says, “Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building s...

Traveling Light

3 minute read

I’m off to China for a week-long business trip soon and, because I didn’t want to take my MacBook Pro with me (amongst other things, for privacy and security...

Python Resources

3 minute read

Introduction Whenever I start learning a new programming language I like to find good book and blog authors, good conference videos (and ideally find confere...

Pip and Virtual Environments

4 minute read

Introduction The contents of this post are based on a blog post written by Jamie Matthews which is called, ‘A non-magical introduction to Pip and Virtualenv ...